Stav Saar Advocate


Stav Saar's law firm provides legal advice and representation in the field of criminal law.

Adv. Saar specializes in criminal law proceedings, and has extensive experience, gained over many years of activity, in representing suspects and defendants in investigative proceedings; hearings; complaints; trials and appeals.

The firm holds vast experience in severe crime cases; White collar cases; Cyber ​​and privacy cases; Military cases; Extradition cases and judicial inquiries; and advising concerning arrests and legal proceedings conducted outside of Israel's borders, in cooperation with leading foreign law firms.

In addition, Adv. Saar has significant experience in petitions to the High Court of justice and the administrative district courts.

The firm's clients are handled by Adv. Saar personally, in accordance with a precise strategy which is the product of a deep legal and evidentiary analysis, with an emphasis on absolute discretion. Among the firm's clients are businessmen; corporate officers; engineers and computer professionals; doctors; members of the security forces; Lawyers; and various normative citizens caught up in the criminal process.

Adv. Stav Saar is a member of the Board of Directors of the "Hatzlaha – Promoting a Fair Society"; organization, and is a member of various legal forums in the Israel Bar Association.


Adv. Stav Saar has significant experience in representing suspects and defendants in criminal investigations and legal proceedings, alongside numerous successes in complex cases; bail releases; seizure and forfeiture of property proceedings; and fierce efforts for the prohibition of publishing client's identifying details.

The firm has extensive experience in advising and preparing for investigations; representation in pre-indictment hearings, court trials and appeals.

At the consultation stage, while preparing for investigation, all efforts are being made to enable the client to present his position in the most accurate way, from a factual and legal point of view. In all legal proceedings, the general strategy is carefully selected, after an in-depth analysis of the evidentiary and legal state. Subsequently, compatible tactical legal actions are examined and carried out.

The firm holds a variety of successes in advising and representing clients up to the end of investigation cases related to them; in taking actions to change the grounds for closed cases; in requests for amnesties and the stall of criminal proceedings. In addition, the firm specializes in representing and accompanying crime victims and exercising the rights reserved to them by law. The firm also provides legal opinions to corporations and private clients, in matters related to the Israeli criminal law.

Adv. Stav Saar has significant experience in representing suspects and defendants in various white-collar offenses: financial offenses; money laundering offenses; bribery and breach of trust offences; fraud and forgery offences; and computer crimes (cybercrimes).

The firm provides legal advice to corporations and officials, including incidents of negligence; offenses committed by corporate and public officials and employees; preventing criminal proceedings of corporations and building and implementing internal enforcement programs, tailor made for the corporation's characteristics and tone.

In addition, the firm has vast experience in representing suspects, defendants and third parties in seizure and forfeiture of property and in representation of public officials and various professionals in ethic and disciplinary procedures.

Adv. Stav Saar has significant experience in international related criminal proceedings, including extradition cases - from Israel to foreign countries, as well as judicial and investigative inquiries carried out in Israel.

Adv. Stav Saar is a member of the European criminal bar association (ECBA) and the firm has diverse collaborations with leading law firms in various countries around the globe.

In addition, Adv. Saar holds extensive experience in accompanying and advising to Israeli citizens and residents, arrested or indicted in foreign countries, in cooperation with leading foreign law firms.

Adv. Stav Saar holds significant experience in administrative-public law procedures, and represents clients in motions filed against governmental or public authorities decisions, in the High Court of Justice or the district courts.



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